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I didn't go to gym with Yan Qing on last Sunday cause lazy. Long time didn't update blog lerh. I get my basketball jersey already, number 5. :DDDD Awesomemaxxx I need to fall in love with number 5 since it is my basketball jersey. :DDDD

Fun day

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Hahaha today went out to bugis with Yan Qing, Kelvin and Timothy. (= we keep been separated. Then Yan Qing and I keep go round the street. Then in the end only bought one hoodie. Then we call Kelvin and Timothy. They like hardly pick up our fucking call. Then they tell us they at bugis junction BHG there. Then they at the so called arcade there play. Got a doraemon game there. I see the instructions in Japan. They were like saying put one token then got a card of doraemon then in the end also don't have.. )= then went home. Need to go somewhere to eat ( regarding to this festival I guess ). I don't want go derh lorh.. My brothers can don't go but I need to go.. Gain so much weight already. Nevermind morning will ge going gym with Yan Qing. (= hahaha they got a lucky draw section or dk what. I ask my mother what thing she would want if we win then she never. Then in the end we won sia. We won an electric oven I guess. Hahahaha bye.


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A lot of things happen. Felt as though I didn't exist at all. Don't wish to elaborate about it. Bye.

Good Girl

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I'm a good girl today. I went back home immediately after school. Today we have Chinese and Maths test. Chinese comprehension is very hard sia. Then I anyhow do.. And the Maths test is a little bit difficult. Hope won't fail. :DDDDDDDD And today, Home Econ relief teacher scold me sia. I think she was like saying I very rude or whatever. Blablabla I don't care. :D

Stop stealing my friends.

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Damn fuck up. Keep stealing my friends one after another. I wonder what's wrong with her. Anyway, my studies keep dropping.. I need to improve on History, Geography, Literature. I don't understand a single thing at all..

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